Informational Energy Potential (IEP)

The Magnetic and Electric Spirals Dance

The physical body is our complete system by which we experience and participate in life. Through it, our information and energy world is reflected. What structures us are not only biochemical processes of the magnetic and electric spirals dance. The conditions are indefinable and variable at all times, which allows us to join this dance and play a part in the courses of action to achieve the desired changes.

The basic process in the organism is maintaining a proper balance. Any deviation affects our health, well-being, our strength and flexibility, and consequently also our beauty, sensitivity, etc.

body without and with meridians

For its assessment unit, the Poznik Information Technologies use the Informational Energy Potential (IEP), which is a response to the current and lasting conditions in the direction of the interaction of information and energy.

When we perform the IEP measurements, we are faced with an assessment of the current processes and the amount of potential that the process allows or limits. The desired state of processes is in the area when they do not have the excess of the IEP nor the lack of the IEP.

Whenever we talk about the excess of the IEP, we need to deal with the question of whether the excess potential is reasonably arranged in relation to the needs and objectives, or whether it may be a response to the processes that need a greater activation and breakthrough force to overcome an inadequate state.

Thus, the excess in itself does not talk about the desired state, but about the reaction of support systems that can be transitionally potentiated with various incentives of tangible or intangible source.

When it comes to the state of the increased IEP over a longer period of time, we have to deal with the exploration of the causal links that require immediate response to the processes and circumstances.

If the surplus values last a longer period of time, we talk about the exceeding of self-regulation that can lead to temporary or permanent burnout.

On the other hand, we are faced with the reduced IEP that may be a response to a deficit as a result of past or current situations. The reduced IEP may indicate an inability of activating vital functions in the processes, and encouragement at various levels is required. Or it can indicate a degree of self-regulation that protects the structures in the process against disproportionate burdens.

In no way can we consider any of the IEP states in the same way, and enough time needs to be given for in-depth research. In particular, in the direction of searching for causes of identified states.

According to this theory, we find that the desired state is a state when the processes are balanced and do not have extreme deviations.