Poznik Vili

Poznik Vili, an outstanding 85-year-old innovator from Celje, has achieved outstanding achievements and received many international awards for his numerous innovations, many of which have been patented.

His primary goal is helping people and improving our quality of life, because his inventions that can be accessed by everyone improve our well-being and health. Vili Poznik’s innovations concern mainly the quality of water, air and food. They improve wellbeing, health and our energy state.

Poznik Vili – inventor and founder of the Poznik ITP

In his work, he tackles the area of physical medicine and information technology that has its foundations in quantum physics. Great expansion is promised for this scientific field in the future, so some call it the technology of the third millennium.

Poznik’s inventions were developed through professional collaborations with major hospitals, clinical centres, universities from across Europe, USA and former Soviet Union states, as well as renowned scientists of various calling, amongst them university professor dr. Gerald Fischer, university professor dr. Kokoschinegg, university professor dr. Jeglič, university professor dr. Turk, professor dr. But, academic university professor dr. Škokljev and many others.

Through his work Mr. Poznik generated 69 patents, prototypes and various brands. His work had been widely acclaimed and recognised throughout the international professional innovation community, resulting in 93 official certificates, awards and medals.

Perhaps most recognized awards are those from international exhibitions in Pittsburgh (USA), Germany (IENA) and Switzerland (Geneva), while the collection includes some 23 gold, silver and bronze medals.